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Photography is all about the control of light. The balance of light and dark is paramount in creating amazing photography. This is more so with the reflective surfaces and the complex lines of car photography.

Automotive Artisans photographers are highly trained in capturing, manipulating and enhancing the bright highlights and the dark shadows of the car’s shape and surfaces to best reveal the beauty of the vehicle through artistic car photography. The car photography styles that we create either embrace the car’s brilliance against dark backdrops, or heighten the elegance of the vehicle within a light natural environments.

The Portfolio showcases the two main styles of car photography, Dark and Light, that Automotive Artisans can achieve with your car. 



01 Ferrari F430_0014.jpg
Featured Collection

You have a passion for cars. Our experienced car photographers at Automotive Artisans share the same passion. We strive to capture the your vehicle the way you envisage it being seen by the rest of the world through bespoke car photography that is distinctive to your style. The beauty and elegance in lines, curves, creases are the fundamental elements of car photography we endeavour to encapsulate in the photography dedicated to your car. 

The Collection section are your individual car photography portfolio curated from your personal car photography session. Our car photographers at Automotive Artisans hope you enjoy the gallery of images that you can view with your family and friends as much as we enjoyed developing them. 

Porsche 70th Birthday-6.jpg
Car Sales Photography

Our eyes are engaged to works of art.

Capturing the eye of the potential buyer is paramount when selling a car. There are over 200,000 cars listed for sale in Australia, and your aim is to be Number One. Presenting a car sales listing with amazing images will always put you ahead of the crowd. Well curated and presented automotive photography will illustrate the condition of the car, revealing all its desirable features and directly reflect the care the owner has taken throughout its lifetime.

More attention leads to a faster sale and maximum car sale price. 

Automotive Artisans specialise in car sales photography for private clients within the Sydney Australia region. Our car photographers will come to you to create a portfolio of images of the necessary angles from the exterior, interior, engine and details, to ensure your car is presented in the best light.

Automotive Artisans also caters for car dealership inventory photography services. On average our dedicated automotive photographers capture over 5,000 images per week for car dealership photography around Sydney Australia. We have been thoroughly trained to focus on the specific needs each car dealership require, to provide high quality, consistent and efficient automotive photography services. By utilising the professionalism the car photographers from Automotive Artisans possess, your car dealership photography will be a cornerstone of your car dealership, helping to sell your inventory stock faster, maximise your profits, while also growing a strong brand presence in amongst the the cluttered automotive car sales environment.

  Do you have a car you need to sell today?

Car Sales Photography

sell your car faster?

Your car deserves the attention!

Whether you want to print spectacular wall art for your man cave or you want to sell your car and make her stand out amongst the crowd, book a session with Automotive Artisans to get best professional car photography in the Sydney Australia region. 

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