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Wolfsburg Blood in the Veins

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

The Volkswagen Beetle is known as the People's Car back in the day. Everyone and anyone used to drive them. Does Justin's @diggersinoz immaculate red example represent the same value in today's world?

The Bug. This is what the Volkswagen Beetle is commonly known as. It might have been the looks. It might have been the fact that they plagued everywhere on the road in its heyday. There were camps that loved it. And there were camps that loathe them.

But there was no denying that the Bug represented honest transport for the everyone during the days they were in mass production.

In today's society, this simple mechanical piece of metal on wheels is more considered as an uber cool ride than just a means to get from A to B. Justin @diggersinoz is just one of these cool dudes that sees the value in the Bug. Well many actually. He has owned several of these air cooled VW in the past, both in the traditional shape as well as VW bus. There must be some hippy-ness hiding within him.

“...this simple mechanical piece of metal on wheels is more considered as an uber cool ride...”

Justin enjoys the time to tinker under the hood of his VWs. He loves restoring cars back to its original glory, but with a subtle twist. Being mechanically simple and robust, these cars are perfect to learn the basis of automotive engines. There's a lot of mechanical sympathy required with cars of this vintage, but the rewards are immense.

What are the rewards? To just drive them!

When Justin rocked up for his studio car photography shoot, he had his sunnies on, window wound down and elbow resting on the window sill. The noise from the air-cooled horizontally opposed engine echoed a block away. This thing had character and Justin knew it.

The perfect red paint stood out. The chrome work gleamed. This was not a Bug. It was a piece of artwork. Perfect for an automotive photography shoot.

We conducted a studio car photography shoot for Justin's Beetle. This helped intensify the red paintwork as it stood out from the background. Also being a vintage car with several curved panels, the light softly lit each surface, while also creating a mysterious darkness lurking in the shadows.

Overall it was a successful car photography shoot that created a cool atmosphere for the Bug to stand out. So much so, that Justin's itching to get more of his cool rides shot in the near future. Watch this space.

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