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From Toy Car to Reality

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

As a kid there are always things you dream about that you could have when you grow up. Olivia did just that when when got herself the keys to a Porsche 911.

In her twenties, Olivia embarked on an adventure around Europe. Travelling with her sister they arrived in Germany. After visiting the 39th cathedral Germany had to offer, the choice was set as to what to do. Either tick off the 40th cathedral on the list or go to Stutgart to visit a factory. No ordinary factory. But rather the Porsche Factory and its museum.

No prizes in guessing which one Olivia decided to go to.

Upon leaving the Porsche museum, Olivia decided to get a little gift to cherish that memory. She got herself a scale toy model of the latest Porsche 911 at the time. It was an Arctic Silver convertible with of course a manual transmission.

Fast forward several years, dreams never become reality. But in Olivia's case it did. An opportunity to get a Arctic Silver Porsche 911 convertible in manual trim became available. And she immediately got it, thus fulfilling her dreams.

“...She got herself a scale toy model of the latest Porsche 911... with of course a manual transmission...”

Olivia absolutely loves getting the keys of the Porsche and going for a drive. Being a convertible, she can have the wind in the hair, while simultaneously listening to the amazing flat six soundtrack resonating behind her.

As much as a the Porsche is a sports car, Olivia also uses it for the family bus. The practicality of the 911 is phenomenal. At one moment it can carve a twisty piece of tarmac with ease, while also carting the husband and two kids in the back - with all the day's luggage in the front boot.

The natural light outdoor automotive photography shoot itself was held in the urban streets around Olivia's hometown in Sydney Australia. We shot the photos in the morning to capture the soft light, helping to minimise any harsh light and dark contrast. The beautiful shape of a Porsche 911 blended perfectly with the urban landscape.

The car photography shoot depicted a true representation of the environment that Olivia would be seen in. Like the photos from the photoshoot, her time in the Porsche museum will forever be etched in her memories. The same can't be said for her sister's memories of the 40th cathedral in Germany.

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