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Take the Risk and Aim Higher

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

One way of living would be to follow the norm. It is safe. But is it what you want? Scott recently took the risk and aimed higher. Did he reap the reward?

Scott started his automotive career as a mechanic. Namely as a Porsche mechanic. He quickly climbed up the ladder to the point he was wanting a car that he would cherish.

As any motoring enthusiast would do, he searched high and low for the car to fulfil his desires. It ranged from beat up JDM sports cars that he could tinker with to high end luxury cars. After several months of scouring the web and going for test drives, he had his mind set on a BMW M2. Definitely an amazing car that will meet most people's needs. As well as Scott's.

Upon approaching the point of signing the contract, one of Scott's work colleague got word that he was going to buy a car. He too was contemplating selling his car at the same time. And it wasn't any ordinary car. But rather a black on black Porsche 911 997, regarded as one of the best driver's cars to grace the roads.

“...he searched high and low for the car to fulfil his desires...”

So did Scott go with the safe BMW option or aim higher?

As illustrated in the car photography shoot of Scott's pride and joy, he no doubt went for the Porsche. It was a no brainer. Our car photographers captured the iconic lines using a low key style of studio car photography, utilising studio lights to emphasis the curved silhouette. No other car has a shape similar - definitely not a BMW M2.

And the car photography bug seemed to have translated from our photographers to Scott himself. After the car photography shoot, he got himself a DSLR camera - a Canon of course. He will be going out there to learn the craft and take more car photos of his black Porsche.

So was it the right move to take the risk and aim higher? Governed by the large grin plastered on Scott's face every time he twitches his right foot on the gas pedal probably sums it up.

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