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We reacquainted ourselves to Kiong's immaculate Porsche Boxster S for another car photography shoot to maybe shed some new light... or lack of.

Kiong loves his Porsche Boxster S. He spends the whole day polishing her the whole day the old fashion way - by hand. He puts canvas sealant to protect the soft top all the time. He never drives the Boxster in the rain.

Well it is a sports car convertible and the only way to really enjoy it is when the sun is out on a lovely day.

“...He spends the whole day polishing her the old fashion way...”

Our car photographers from Automotive Artisans had previously had an enjoyable time with Kiong and his Porsche during an outdoor photography shoot around beautiful grounds in Sydney (Click Here for the Blog on this car photography shoot). He loved the portfolio of photos taken from that session that he decided to get some more on his concourse vehicle.

We decided to give the Boxster a different look to the previous car photography shoot. In this session, our car photographers used strobes at critical angles to highlight the car appropriately. Balancing the power output we were able to achieve the best possible light gracing the surface of the beautiful body work, while also providing enough shadows to provide shape to the car. We gave Kiong's Boxster a professional studio car photography atmosphere that made even a dark coloured car stand out from a dark background.

After the car photography shoot, Kiong mentioned he also had a classic Mercedes Benz saloon that he cherishes as well. It might soon be time for him to take out the polish and microfibre rag again.

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