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Look the Part

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

If you drive a sports car you have to look the part. Does Kiong's Porsche Boxster S provide the necessary ingredients to make him look the Part?

There is something about a convertible that you can't explain until you experience it. Those that have only ever driven cars with a roof will just say that convertible drivers are posers. Show-offs. Or are they?

There's more to it than just looking the part.

With the top down, you are completely exposed to the environment. The wind in the hair. Hearing all that is going on around you. Seeing everything. There is a sense of freedom. And all that while seeing the world blast past down the best twisty roads.

That is the sensation that Kiong feels every time he drives his Porsche Boxster S. Which is almost every day when he drives to his law firm during the week and when he drives to his country retreat on the weekends. It is no doubt his first car of choice.

“convertible drivers are posers... or are they?”

Kiong absolutely loves his Porsche. From the culture the brand represents, to the way it is able to carve corners. Being an avid bicycle rider, the element of speed and freedom is exactly what the Boxster instils.

When Kiong arrives and meets us for the car photography shoot, he immediately tends to the body work. He takes out his microfibre towel and car care products to make sure that the Boxster is gleaming. He hand polishes the paintwork religiously. He applies protectant on the soft top all the time. A clear sign of a true convertible driver.

As for the car photography photoshoot, we positioned the Boxster in less known areas around The University of Sydney. This was much more interesting than the standard angle in front of the Main Quadrangle which all wedding photographer use. The natural light car photography photoshoot incorporated elements of the surrounding buildings and greenery, allowing the Boxster's flowing shape to blend well into the background. Along with the soft morning light, the photos recreated the setting of a driver ready for a Sunday drive. And this is what a true sports car driver should be.

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