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Pink STi Sneakers

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Johnson loves his World Rally Blue Subaru STi. He also loves his shoes.

You always know when a Subaru is coming. It's not that you can see it. Rather you hear it. You hear the rumble burble of the flat four engine echoing through the streets between the cityscape. There is no questions what it is except for a Subaru.

Johnson is a proud owner of his Subaru WRX STI hatch, in iconic world rally blue colours. As he drives over, he has a grin on his face. Why the smirk? Well to our surprise when he opens the door and disembark from the car, bright pink emblazon our eyes. It wasn't from the pink STI decal, or as Subaru refers to it as cherry blossom red, but rather from Johnson's pink sneakers. And boy do they make a statement.

So as much as Johnson loves his Subaru, he also loves collecting other things, like shoes to watches. These are what drives him towards happiness. Having them all together is what he was experiencing during the car photography shoot. And unlike those that will store prized items so that they won't get tarnished by usage, he will definitely use them.

“...bright pink emblazoned our eyes...”

This is definitely what Johnson demonstrated on a quick blast around the riverside views of Rhodes Sydney. His lightning fast gear changes meant that the pink shoes were just a blur. Similarly the beautiful surroundings were just a blur, while the engine's burble sound resonated through the cabin.

We photographed the car in the new urban environment of Rhodes Sydney Australia around the streets Johnson drives on a daily basis. The natural light car photography created illustrated the bold blue paint highlighted with the pink detail punctuating nicely against the apartment riverside backdrop. Johnson's bright pink sneakers were also incorporated into the car photography, emphasising the need to see more of this colour more often.

When we came back to Johnson's apartment carpark after the car photography shoot, there were an eclectic assortment of cars ranging from Rolls Royces to Nissan GTRs. In his car parking spot housed another rally icon, a Mitsubishi EVO X. Asking which he would prefer, Johnson responded, "The EVO probably is the better drive, but there is something about the STI that he just likes better."

It might be the association with Pink Sneakers.

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