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Roll On to the Future

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Volvos are known to be safe, reliable and practical. But can that cardigan appearance be hiding more hidden gems?

Bloody Volvo Drivers. They have forever been typecast into certain categories. Generally not favourable. However that was in the past. Now they are considered hip and chic.

What has changed?

We caught up with Richard and his Savile Grey Volvo XC60 for a car photography shoot in the streets of Glebe Sydney Australia. This is not the current cool looking XC60 with the Thor inspired headlights, but the first generation that helped kick start Volvo's resurgence in the SUV market. This was the model that straddled the uncool Volvo status and the current uber modern outlook.

Richard refers to the Volvo as his Workhorse. It was ever dependable and capable for every task it was faced.

Carrying every conceivable item a family of four buys at IKEA - TICK.

Travelling from Sydney to Melbourne on a single tank with 200KM left to spare - TICK

Being cosseted in the most comfortable seats covered in supple leather - TICK

Forever certain the entire family is kept safe from all the dangers of the road - TICK shouldn't be photogenic... Richard quickly alerted us to the design touches both outside and in.

These were just the few of many points Richard acknowledged about the Volvo. But surely an 2010 XC60 can't be stylish and cool? It shouldn't be photogenic.

Well, from a natural light outdoor car photography point of view, Richard quickly alerted us to the design touches both outside and in. The rear tail lights have the signature Volvo curves that tapers graciously from the top and out to the rear haunches. The interior floating panel is angled towards the driver in a flowing manner. The headlights were jewel-like when viewing them from above. These design features were no doubt observed in the car photography shoot on the city streets old of Sydney Australia. The soft morning light helped define the strong body lines of this practical SUV to the upkick sweep to the rear of the car. We were forever forgetting that this was meant to be boring car.

Our time with Richard and his Volvo XC60 was definitely enlightening. We came away from the car photography shoot appreciating this vehicle more, and providing insight in the reasons why Volvo has rolled on to a bright current and future status.

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